But you must leave, you strong, sensitive darling, girl. You must pick up the remnants of your tattered heart and dreams and lock the door behind you so he cannot keep walking in and taking endlessly from the soft fabric of your soul. 

You must leave. No matter how much the love and affection relentlessly call your name, no matter how deeply you believe you can save him or change him or love him back to life, no matter how profoundly you think you will die without this love. If it is not making you more of the woman you were created to be, if it is cracking you into pieces, instead of at being wrapped tenderly in peace, if it is not the safest home you have ever known, you must leave.

Because love is the truest, and most paramount thing there ever was, or is or could be. And any imitation, no matter how good the intentions may be, will only leave you empty. You must, I repeat, you must, do anything you have too, too still cling onto the belief that love is worth it. If he makes you doubt that, above all else - you must leave. Because love will not be easy, no, but love will go into the trenches of life and your own heart and not let go. 

Love is costly; more expensive than most care to spend. 

Love will clothe you in vulnerability and terrifying risk but also in beauty and tenderness. 

Anything less than that will rob you far too easily. And to be robbed of love is the greatest travesty of all. 

You must leave, you brave, daring, triumphant beauty. You must leave and never look back because the love you are aching for, is aching for you too. And when it comes, you will finally feel the peace and rest that you have longed for. Leave, and do not let yourself settle into anything less than home.