i am the moon

sometimes i am full. you squint looking at me.

i am full of light.

full of wonder.

full of beauty and brilliance.

i am the moon.

sometimes i am darkness. you cannot find me.

the darkness is vast and empty and silent.

i seem gone.

but i am not. 

i am the moon.

my phases ebb and flow. i am full, and i am empty. i am hidden, and i am magic. i hide myself away when i need to recharge, when i need to fill back up. i hide pieces, parts.

i will be full again.

i will be whole again.

i will be gone again. i will be hidden and broken and half and less-than again. 

i will never be sunshine. easy. loved by all.

find me in the darkness, the hushed quiet of night. the eery fog of the unknown. find me in the darkness. find me in my own darkness. 🖤